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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 21, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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foolish enough to be faithful ♪ ♪ believe me it won't be easy but it's surely not impossible ♪ ♪ and if they won't listen save your breath and save yourself yeah ♪ ♪ you must try win if i win i only live to fight again ♪ >> we're ready to turn it up. ♪ yeah come on come on come on ♪ fight fight fight yeah yeah ♪ fight fight fight fight fight keep your head up ♪ ♪ keep your head up ♪ yeah ♪ fight fight fight
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♪ everything in life ♪ fight >> l.a., make some noise! >> how you doing out there? yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: goodie mob featuring cee lo green's single "fight to win" is out now. thanks to the stanley cup champion l.a. kings, thanks to martin short, thanks to cee lo, apologize to matt damon. thanks for watching. good night cee lo,
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a massive firebreaks out cisco the san francisco pier which is part of the america's cup races. >> but the impact was felt by commuters as traffic came to a virtual stand still during the evening commute. >> good evening. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm alan wang. >> a big portion of the embarcadero is still closed right now tonight. from bay street to broadway it will be shutdown until
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midnight. here is a live picture of pier29 right now. firefighters are working on the hotspots. we don't have that picture right now, but they will be at that site for quite awhile. leslie brinkley is on the embarcadero. leslie? >> i c >> i can tell you it has been a mess. along the embarcadero they are starting to let some cars pass on the embarcadero from lombard southbound toward broadway. but as you can see over here the crews and the firecrews and the personnel are still out here moping up the fire earlier today. they are buttoning down the seem and there is an expectation it could reopen the embarcadero this the next hour. what a mess and what a fire. >> flames roared through the rooves and the ladder trucks attacked the blaze by tapping into the high pressure water lines. >> the crews did a phenomenal job containing the fire to the
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front building. it didn't spread to the adjacent building or to the rear structure on the pier. >> two times parts of a facad crashed on to the sidewalk as crowds of tourists snapped pictures on cell phones. the pier was being converted into a center for spectators at erica's cup yacht race. san francisco's port director said welders had worked at the pier earlier in the day, but the building was vacant when the fire broke out. no one was injured. five cars stored inside were removed. >> the project will remain on-line and on budget. i am happy to tell you we will be putting up the final steel in a couple weeks. the america's cup events will be happening here in 2013 at america's cup village. there should be no impact from this other than an unsightly facad. >> the em back dare row, --
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the embarcadero was completely shutdown in both directions between bay and broadway. the f line between the ferry and fisherman's wharf was closed. the commute out of san francisco from the west to the north was gridlocked. but some say it brought them a bit of good fortune. >> it was great for me. the trolley car is down so a lot of people need rides from fisherman's wharf to bart and i have helped them get where tell, traffic should be back to normal for the morning commute. again a mess tonight in the city in all directions. i can tell you that investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. right now they do not believe it was intentionally set. reporting live along the embarcadero, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. well, that fire burned through pier29 which is the future home of a major cruise terminal. as this picture shows you, it
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will some day look l we w we will have live traffic coverage on abc morning news at 4:30. you can also find more information on our website at stay in touch on twitter and on news. an explosive day in a san jose courtroom. the trial of a man accused of beating the priest he says molested him as a child. abc7 news reporter ama dates is at superior court with more. ama? >> alan, this case is solely about whether william lynch assaulted father jerry lindner and not whether the father molested lynch. but that came up as lindner took the stand. >> opening statements in the case of william lynch brought a bombshell. she admitted that the evidence will show that father jerry lindner molested lynch as a child, and she said he would likely lie about it. >> in the only are they giving us a warner -- a warning they would put on the testimony,
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and he gets on the stand and denies he molested mr. lynch or his brother. >> the deputy d.a. shows a picture of lindner bloody and bruised and the molestation didn't give him the right to track down his uh biewzer and punch him repeatedly. she showed portions of an interview lynch did with our media partner, the san jose mercury news. lynch appears to take responsibility for the confrontation in 2010 the church's los gatos retirement facility. >> i did everything i could do under the law. whether it is my moral obligation to myself to, to society, to protect society from him super seed the law of the land? >> tamara is lindner's niece. she said her uncle molested her and her brother and sisters, so her support is behind lynch. >> a pedophile priest should be put in jail like the rest of the ped files. >> during the video shown by lys
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the prosecutor lynch is seen emotionally describing what he says happened to himself and his brother at the hands of lindner. lynch was 7 at the time. her was just four. >> i have a million things i need to do. >> the prosecution declined all interview requests. while it is unclear why they showed the video or called lindner a liar, the defense has a suggestion. >> if i were in the santa clara district attorney's and they walked in andg that told me what just happened, i ismiss and dismisswalk over this case immediately. >> again the prosecution had no comment when court let out. when somebody purgers themselves they ha righ legal right to be advised. they brought that up to the judge who is trying it. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. the bike rider accused of killing a pedestrian in san francisco's castro district entered a not guilty plea today.
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71-year-old way was crossing market street at castro with his wife late last march when he was hit, and he died a few days later. he is charminged with felony vehicular manslaughter. the district attorney george gascon says they were violating traffic laws and speeding when he plowed into a crowded crosswalk striking way. attorneys for the san francisco couple jailed for allegedly killing their teenage daughter's pimp says the parents may have had a motive, but they didn't do it. friends and family at the showed up at the courthouse to show their support today. the couple is accused of gunning down calvin calvin sth eed in what they call a vigilante murder. they say sneed was a gang member who lived a dangerous life. >> he is a gang member. he has been involved in gang fights and shootouts in los angeles and there are many people who had a motive to do harm to him.
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we feel our clients are unfairly targeted. >> they appeared briefly in court, but the scheduled arraignment will be postponed until friday. traffic is moving after a watermain break in san francisco. it happened just before 6:00 on market street. traffic was closed for about an hour as crews work to fix the break. still no word on what caused the problem. coming up exin, pregnancy and -- coming up next, pregnancy and drinking. a study that is widely held belief that women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy. >> and the chp is after three men who beat up a driver during a road rage incident. >> it was all captured on a cell phone camera. and the bay area billionaire who just bought almost an entire hawaii an island. all thaten on "nightline" . >> i'm bill wier, extreme heat warnings in 13 states as temperatures enter the triple digits. how long this heat wave will last and from sports leagues
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to band practice how many of america's convicted murderers are serving life in luxury. we'll take you
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a study challenging the belief that women should not brink alcohol. week, eight drinks a week, they say, is not a problem. it is creating a firestorm across the country and on our facebook page as you can see here. here is amy robach. jay down the hatch. >> it is an uncomfortable scene. watching a pregnant woman drink in a bar. >> when you get a chance i will take a tequilla. >> this is an actress playing a part for abc's "what would you do." she is not really pregnant. she is just pretending to be. and it looked like she is drinking hard alcohol heavily. the reaction is fierce. ever since the 1970s we have been told pregnancy and alcohol don't mix. but a new study shows drinking in moderation while pregnant might not be harmful after all. it looked at more than 1600 pregnant women who drank one to eight drinks a week. five years later their
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children did not perform any worse on organizational and iq tests than children whose mothers didn't drink during their pregnancies. and surprisingly, occasional binge drinking meaning having five or more in one sitting did not have any significant negative affect. moms have been buzzing about the study on-line. most wondering why take the chance? on parenting blog, "is having a drink that important to you? "? >> others were relieved. >> it is good news. >> she lightly drank during her pregnancy. >> why risk drinking while i pregnant? >> i enjoy the occasional glass of wine. i don't think it is a big risk. >>dscience has shown that heavy drinking can harm fetal development and doctors we spoke with says even moderate drinking is not visible. some like dr. jennifer ashton say better safe than sorry. >> we do know that alcohol is a toxin p, and it definitely can affect neuro logic
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development. my obstetrician answer is don't consume any alcohol at all for the 40 weeks you are pregnant. >> that was amy robach reporting. studies show 30% of women use alcohol at some point during their pregnancy. in los angeles county, it is road rage at its worst. the highway patrol is looking for three men who badly beat up another driver last tuesday on interstate five in irvine. look at this fight. a witness shot this cell phone video of the assault. it started out as an argument, and it ended withthe victim being repeatedly kicked in the head. it is right there by the freeway. but he was not badly hurt. >> i had no where to go other than either sit in the car and let him beat me up or a fight. it is the guys i grew up with. >> looks bad. he said he is not going to press charges. he is not saying what triggered the road rage melt down.
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new fury over the botched gun running operation called fast and furious. for the first time president obama exerted executive privilege to stop the documents that the committee is demanding. they voted to site the attorney general for contempt of congress after he refused to hand over the documents. some house republicans say it wreaks of a cover up. >> that brings into question whether or not eric holder knew about it, and how much did the president know about this? >> you accuse them of a cover up for protecting the documents that he was prohibited by law from producing. >> the house speaker john baner says the issue will go to the house for a full vote thls there is a resolution. >> one of america's most well is dead tonight. it was formath and for his paintings of sports
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events. he was 91 years old. no cause of death wasd. announced. and he was criticized for his handling of the trayvon martin case and was fired. chief bill lee lost respect of the city officials and the confidence of the community. he was not criticized for not arresting george zimmerman for shooting the unarmed teenager. trayvon martin's family says they respected the city manager's decision. lee will receive three months of severance and one week's salary in addition to earned time off. it is time now to take a look at the weather. spencer christianng by standing by. >> we will start with a look at live 7hd. doppler 7hd. we want to show you just how clear and cloud free in terms of rain clouds. first the heat today. the and and we had 80s around the bay.
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around t it was a very, very warm afternoon for the arrival of summer. but things are cooling down now, and here is why. it is looking northward. this is the layer of fog and low clouds streaming through the golden gate this evening and the cooling influence has is vigorous and temperatures are down into the 50s in most locations. we still have a few readings in the inland east bay in the th that is warm. that is 76 degrees right now. and there will be more cooling. the coastal clouds will increase. the cooling will continue through the weekend and into next week. the cooling remains with us. here is why. the water vapor and satellite image shows the upper level low is offshore and it is directing the cooling influence at us in the bay area. it is kicking the sea breeze in our direction and the low clouds and fog are streaming in. overnight we will see these conditions and possibly drizzle on the san mateo
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county coastline. low temperatures will be generally in the mid50s although it looks like antioch will stay mild with a low of 62 degrees, and it will be breezy in the area of the delta. now, follow the forecast animation starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. at that point we will have widespread low clouds and fog. it will burn back a little bit burkts not back to the -- but not back to the coast. there will be fog at the coast and around the bay. we will have partly and mainly sunny skies, but the high pressures will be 20 degrees cooler in some spots tomorrow than they were today. let's look at a samplhighs for r highs for tomorrow. mainly low to mid70s inland. 72 santa rosa. 72 concord. down south 73 in san jose. we will see only60s around the bay and midto upper 50s on the coast where the fog will hang on throughout much of the day. monterey bay will see fog around the bay with bayside temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. morgan hill and gilroy will
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have highs in the low to mid70s. here is the seven-day forecast. although summer arrived today, the first five full days of summer tomorrow highs in the 70s. upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s on the coast. we won't see temperatures inland warming up to the low 80s until the middle of next week. >> a little summer spring here. >> that's right. cool, but pleasant. >> coming up next, a bear cup returned to the wild. bear cub returned to the wild. [ horn honks ] ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ]
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♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. wild, but not everyone is happy about it. six-month-old mccoon was rescued in march. the bury covered and both it and another cub were healthy enough to be released. but activists around the world tried to fight the released saying it would be a death sentence for the animals. experts say the survival rate for organ -- or -- orphaned bears is 10 to 15%. the oracle ceo can buy whatever he wants. he bought a high high an island. they say he agreed to buyof the%
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of the island of linai. the state owns 2%. it is hawaii's smallest public investment. bill gates and his wife rented the entire their island for ther wedding. no price has been revealed, but island selling experts say it is upwards of $500 million. >> what do you think about that? >> i am not an island selling expert, but i was hoping to pick up the other 2%. i can scoop up the other 2%, but not to be. the a's had a chance to help out the giants tonight. you make the call. did josh reddick make this spectacular catch against the dodgers? sports is next. so... [ gasps ]
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irresistible. by nature valley. the giants were down in the oc as the cool kids call it, orange county that is. they were trying to take the rubber match, and they had the miss fortune of facing jarod weaver after a stint on the disabled list. he threw a no hit neither may. the first batter of the game. he gets a taste of the nastiness and painting the outside corner. he goes six scoreless. the angels get to him in the second. it is his fourth homerun of the year. that thing was way out.
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1-0halos. they would hand him his first loss in almost seven weeks. base hit here, and then he goes jumbo in the eighth. the angels take two out of three from the giants. it is 6-0. the giants actually stay four and a half games back of the dodgers in the national league west. the a's are honoring their former second base man mark ellis before their game with the dodgers. bizarre play in the second. he appears to make the catch, but the ball flies out as he tumbles. one more look and great catch and almost. a's tied the game on the double to left center. tony gwen, junior off his glove. he is back and it is 1-1. tommy malone a complete game and retired 13 consecutive dodgers. brandon moss gets his seventh homer. speaking of moss, the long-time minor leaguer looks
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like he found a home in oakland. >> i am thankful for the opportunity i have here that i thought i never would have. you don't want to leave anything on the table and have any regrets. you play how you want to play and how you play and whatever happens, happens. >> when lebron james and chris bosh joined duane wade in miami this is the moment they were dreaming about, the chance to win the nba title, and they can wrap it up tomorrow night in game five of the finals. in game four lebron was sidelined with cramps in his legs. remember remember he won an ncaa title. he made huge shots down the stretch. leading three games to 1 the heat can capture the crown tomorrow, but insist they will not get caught up in the hype. >> i think this team has the right mind. ii think we have had it all year. we might say certain things, but it is even kiel around here. we try to stay in our moment. >> we will have game five, heat and thunder tomorrow
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night on abc7. pre game at 5:30 and then the tipoff at 6:00 p.m. then after that, after the game our complete recap and special guest in studio former warriors gm riley. the world boxing organization reviewed the boxing tau bach kill and all five reviewing judges agree thatat pacquiao won the bout. it was regarded as one of the worst in boxing history. you really have to do something dramatic to come up with one of the worst decisions in boxing history because the sport is filled with the worst decisions. bradley will keep the title, and there will be a rematch in november. sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> and who do you like in the nba game on thur>> i thur >> i like okc. i am not ready for the basketball season to end just yet. >> i am cramping up. >> [ horn honks ] ♪ ♪
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